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fingers whispering sound

sirius/harry and other perversions

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"It's Not Over", Harry, Snape, Draco, Sirius, PG
Title: It's Not Over
Author: [personal profile] phoenixtears
Pairing/Characters: Harry, Snape, Draco, Gen with a hint of Sirius/Harry if you squint.
Rating: PG
Words: 350
Notes: This was supposed to be a drabble for [community profile] harry100's prompt "Intimidate", but I couldn't keep the word count down nor piece it in exact hundreds. Ah well!
Summary: Harry and Draco duel. Draco gets help from Snape. Harry gets help from beyond the Veil.

The duel had begun. Harry blocked three of Draco’s spells, got his own off just in time, but Snape was whispering on the sidelines, and Draco dodged, throwing back a hex as he crashed to the ground. Harry barely had time to raise his wand, and then he was down, breathless, his body aching. Pain arced through him, and no one was coming to his aid.

He was alone. He heard his mother crying. The pain doubled.

Snape came to stand over him, unconcerned as Harry writhed. He could hear Draco laughing as though from far away. He was losing consciousness, and the last thing he would see would be Snape’s pleasure at it.

But then the voice swept over him, the voice as if from the deep ocean, carried in on the silence of the world as it passed him by:

“I’m with you.”

It wasn’t his mother or his father.

“Use my strength and rise up, Harry.”

He took a long breath, the sounds starting to filter in around him once more. Snape’s retreating back coming into view.

“Don’t let them intimidate you.”

Harry blinked to clear his vision. His heart beat stronger in his chest.

“In a few years, your very breath, if you so choose, will set them afire. You will be like the dragon; you will strike like the snake; you will rule like the lion; you shall fly like the raven.”

Harry struggled up onto his elbows. He gulped in more air – sweet clear air – and he reached for his wand.

“I’m with you,” said the voice – Sirius’s voice – so close to his ear, in his mind, through his body.

Snape looked back at him in shock as Harry slowly stood once more. Harry dusted off his robes, the last of the pain receding. Draco, Harry noticed, looked afraid.

“He should be,” Sirius told him. “You’re the greatest wizard to ever live.” Then, “I love you. Fight.”

He was gone, then, yet he was not.

Harry took a ready stance, pushed his glasses up his nose, raised his wand and said, “It’s not over.”