February 3rd, 2012


"For Another Day", Harry/Draco, R

Title: For Another Day
Author: [personal profile] phoenixtears 
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: R
Prompt: 172 -- Soft and 173 -- Hard for [community profile] harry100 .
Words: 100

finding him rain-drenched,
his sharp chin dripping,
the lamps in the stairwell flicker
and then go out.

harry reaches between his legs,
goes right to the thrust,
the weeping spot,
the waiting docile beast.

is not so much believable
when it’s whispered soft
into harry’s ear.

he replaces hand
with cock anyway,
taking Malfoy’s wrists,
holding them to the stone,
and together they grunt in the dark,
two beasts rutting,
the steam of breath soft in the air,
quick hard seconds lost
as the one goes tense
and the other gasps
and the heat goes cold
for another day.