January 26th, 2012


"Truer Words", Sirius/Harry, PG-13

Title: Truer Words
Author: [personal profile] phoenixtears
Pairing/Characters: Sirius/Harry, Lupin, Moody
Rating: PG-13
Words: 100 (for the prompt, "It's Complicated" at [community profile] harry100!)
Summary: Lupin calls Sirius on it.
Warning: Inappropriate UST??

Remus looked at him. Sirius refused to look up.

“You kissed him,” Remus said.

“On the cheek.” Sirius practiced a new wand technique.

“You lingered.”


“He blushed.”

“Did he?”

Remus sighed. “What’s going on?”



Sirius flicked his wrist and sent a small rain cloud over Moody’s head across the room. “Amusing,” Moody growled, still reading.

“Well?” Remus prompted.

“Well…” Sirius recalled the smell of Harry’s hair, the shiver as Sirius’s lips had drawn near, the slight whimper only he could hear…. “It’s complicated.”

“You’re in trouble, Sirius,” Remus said and stalked out.

Sirius thought miserably, Truer words….

"Twin Hearts", Sirius/Harry, NC-17

Title: Twin Hearts
Author: [personal profile] phoenixtears
Pairing: Sirius/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Words: 100 (for the prompt, "Heartbeat", at [community profile] harry100.)
Warning: Sex with an underage character.

Sometimes when Sirius was inside him, deep from behind, he would hold Harry tight to his own body, barely moving his hips, and he’d press his palm to Harry’s chest, feeling his heartbeat. Sirius loved the galloping madness under his hand, the rhythm pattering out its code, rain on a drum. Then he’d feel it, that same heat and speed and crescendo holding him, tightening like a little fist around his cock, and Sirius would close his eyes, give it a few wonderful moments – that glorious clenching, those twin hearts -- and then he’d start up a languid fucking once more.