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"Frenzy", Sirius/Harry, R

Title: Frenzy
Author: [personal profile] phoenixtears
Pairing: Sirius/Harry
Rating: R
Words: 100 (written for the prompt, "Frantic", at [community profile] harry100!
Summary: Harry's home at Grimmauld Place for Christmas.
Warnings: Sex with an underage character.

Sirius was sure Christmas was a time for opening presents. He was pretty sure it *wasn’t* a time for the frenzied tearing of clothes from one’s body. He suspected it shouldn’t be the sting of eager teeth at his throat or the hot sigh into his mouth or the drift of fingers into his fly.

“I’m going to hell,” Sirius said as Harry sank to his knees before him.

“Merry Christmas,” Harry smiled up at him.

“Indeed,” Sirius had to agree. Harry began, and Sirius swayed, blinking strange aroused tears from his eyes. “Indeed,” he breathed. “Merry bloody Christmas, Harry.”
Tags: drabble, harry potter, r, sirius/harry
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