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fingers whispering sound

sirius/harry and other perversions

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"Through the Veil", Sirius/Harry, PG-13
Title: Through the Veil
Author: [personal profile] phoenixtears
Pairing/Characters: Sirius/Harry -- Sirius, Harry, Lupin
Rating: PG-13
Words: 100 (written for [community profile] harry100's challenge prompt, "Follow".
Warnings: Grief, Suicidality

The veil caught the air, swelled, and then was still. Lupin was holding him. Holding Harry back. He had surged toward that place – the last place he’d seen Sirius, where he’d fallen, where he’d died. Harry twisted, his body bruising where Lupin’s hands gripped and fought him. And he felt himself screaming, his muscles straining, his whole body wrought. There was no fleeting thought for Ron, not one for Hermione, for his life; there wasn’t anything but the gaping loss. Nothing left but the soft veil, and Harry’s every cell, bright with the only desire he had left: to follow.

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Wonderful use of the prompt - in such a brief economy of words, you've given us such pain - grief and loss.


And when I crossposted this, did you get it again on DW? I'd like to transfer all the little HP stories I've written, but I don't want those who are subscribed to me to get them all again TWICE.

Any sage advice, my friend?

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